Le Central Beaune : The art of feeling at home

le Central_Pierre Meneau16
The 1907 PLEYEL piano under the watchful gaze of the Maharajah

In 2017, Edgar Vaudeville took over the management of Le Central Boutique-Hôtel after a 20-year experience in hotels, bars, and restaurants around the globe. And he knew exactly what he wanted to do with the establishment: a personal and cozy place, miles away from a standardized hotel.

He gathered his life, family and travel souvenirs that make up the current décor of the shared spaces of Le Central Boutique Hôtel. Everywhere you look, you will find unique pieces that arouse your interest and tell a story.

The moment you step in, you are greeted by a baby-faced porcelain policeman, typical of Taiwanese art.

Beginner and experienced pianists can practice on Edgar’s great-grandmother’s 1907 Pleyel grand piano. It stands proudly in the lounge area and is kept under the attentive gaze of a Maharaja brought back from a family trip to Rajasthan.

In the living room, sculptures of the comic-strip hero Tintin share the spotlights with a menu from Paul Vergé’s restaurant, where Edgar was first hired as a cook in 1997.

Have breakfast next to Michelin-star chefs !

Finally, at breakfast, you can look through the charcoal portraits of Michelin-star chefs, among which Alain Ducasse. These were sketched during Chefs Club dinners in New York, a concept Edgar helped launch in 2012.

Just like in everyone’s home, the collection changes and expands as the Owner of the House travels the world and meets new friends. Will you be able to spot the new additions the next time you visit ?